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That’s an easy question.

Hi there, we are youth. Well, Youth Emotions. And we have some studios. They are youth as well; we call them the Youthgrounds.
Anyhow, we established in 2015, with one goal set in mind – make new, small businesses and projects’ success affordable. It turns out people actually liked the idea, and we started to expand rapidly – much more than expected.
Soon, from beginning a 5-people studio, we opened up more and more youth grounds. We’re currently located in 5 different countries around the globe.
After that, we came across Good Witches Studio. A small animating studio that is going after Hollywood. (And turns out they were youth as well!) We talked, walked the walk, and danced the dance, and now we’re starting our new lives together!
We deliver high-quality marketing, contact creation, and all in between for cheap and without headaches. Just tell us your goal, let our youth minds think of how to reach your goals.


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